G12 Tire Tuning Tips

GRC102: Super Soft Rear
GRC103: Soft Rear
GRC105: Med Rear
GRC104: Soft Front
GRC106: Med Front
GRC107: Hard Front

TIRE SELECTION AND TUNING APPLIED: One thing to think about when making your tire selection is this; a harder tire will wear less and therefore retain more traction build-up from the track as the run goes on.A softer tire will wear more and therefore retain less traction build up from the track as the run goes on.Based on this and your compound selection (in addition to saucing and truing methods), you can achieve a more balanced,better-handling, and overall faster vehicle.

Example Problem: Your car oversteers at the beginning of the race, then understeers at the end of the race.

Example Solution: Change to a harder front tire and change to a softer rear tire and sauce less front tire.

Example Reasoning: The front tire sauced less will help at the very beginning of the race with oversteer, the harder front tire will then retain more traction throughout the run (less wear), the softer rear tire will then retain less traction throughout the run (more wear).The result all together could be a car that drives with less steering at the beginning of the run and more steering at the end of the run, thus helping or curing your problem.Of course this is an example and will not always have the same result due to many other variables.

Low traction: 45mm R, 43.5mm F
Med traction: 44mm R, 42.5mm F
High traction: 43mm R, 41.5mm F
Max high traction: 42.5mm R, 41mm F

TIRE TRUING: To ensure a uniform cut on your finished tire please see PN GRC303 “universal pan car rear tire truing adapter”. Otherwise we suggest to take special care while fastening the tire onto your truer and to not over tighten it to the arbor nut. For best results make sure that the wheel itself is spinning as true as possible before cutting.

ROUNDING THE EDGES: More Radius will normally have the on-track feel of more traction, For instance if you round your front tires too much it will result in a car that has more steering and will be more prone to traction rolling.It is suggested to start out with a nice radius on the rear tires and less radius on the front tires. This will ensure that the car will have good rear traction and also have less chance of chunking the sidewalls of the rear tires.

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