About us

BACKROUND: GRAVITY RC LLC is based in the area of Milwaukee Wisconsin USA, The Company was started by professional RC driver Paul Lemieux in 2011 with help from family and friends, The Company still remains this way.

PRODUCTS:  First was the release of traction additive for rubber and foam tires on asphalt “Liquid Gravity LG1 & LG2″, These items were developed in 2010 and used to win a national title and the international Reedy race of Champions before their release. Gravity Rc’s next product were the “G12 12th scale tires” which were released to Paul Lemieux and Alex Hagberg finishing first and third in the modified division at the prestigious “snowbird Nationals”. Other items released since then have been specialty tuning items and tools geared to the racer.

GOAL: With such close roots to racing we understand that quality control and performance means everything.  It is also our mission to provide the best possible information, We would not only like to provide high-quality products for racers but also help them better understand the ways in which they can be applied to racing, This is why we include information papers with most of our products. All in all we hope to steadily grow the company’s product line with specialty and also more mainstream racing products in the future.

ACHIEVEMENTS: from 2011 to 2013 Liquid Gravity Additives were used to win two nitro and two electric national titles in the hands of Paul Lemieux alone, also in this time frame LG2 was used by Ralph Burch and Mike Swauger on their nitro vehicles to record many major wins.

Gravity RC G12 tires have been used to compete amongst the best in the world in the A-final at the IFMAR world championships at the Hands of Alexander Hagberg in 2012.  Every product released has a similar heritage of being used by top caliber racers.

If you have any questions on the products or anything of their nature, Please see the “contact us” section of this web site and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

To purchase GRAVITY RC products please see our “Dealer’s” section on the main page and look for a dealer or track to support in your area, otherwise visit the “Gravity Pro Shop”.

Thanks for reading!

Paul Lemieux