GRC New Product“Ultimate Hardware/Parts Carrier”

NEW PRODUCT: This parts box measures 10/8/1.75in tall and is perfect for organizing all your screws, shims, bearings and small parts. It has three different size internal boxes and features 46 individual boxes in total. It features a snap top case with handle which makes everything inside secure. It is a useful and affordable tool for the organised RC racer!

GRC_storage GRC_Storage_open

GRC:275 Ultimate Hardware/Parts Carrier


GRC New Product“G Blade” HOBBY KNIFE:

NEW PRODUCT: “G-BLADE” Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Hobby Knife. GRC:306,307,308. GRC:306 and GRC:307 is made of anodized aluminum and real carbon fiber. The handle holds the most commonly used no: 11 blade. This knife is perfect for use in hundreds of applications in the Hobby, Arts and crafts industry and beyond. Product Includes one handle one blade and one plastic cap. Have the coolest knife in your pit area, office, tool box or craft area!


GRC:306 G-BLADE Hobby Knife (BLACK)
GRC:307 G-BLADE Hobby Knife (RED)
GRC:308 G-BLADE Hobby Knife (STD)




The International Indoor Championships is proud to announce the official Spec Tire for the 10th Anniversary of the IIC will be Gravity RC Type C tire. This tire has been designed and tested by Gravity RC owner and World renowned Touring Car Racer Paul Lemieux. The Type C tire will be Pre-mounted on the Gravity RC Rim. These rims are made of a blend of plastic and polycarbonate to be extremely durable and true. The part number for these tires are GRC130 G-SPEC TYPE C. They are available from your local hobby shop or directly from the Gravity RC website at

GRC130: G-SPEC Type C (Carpet)



Gravity RC introduces Body height adjusters. They are offered in 5mm id and 6mm id sizes in both black and blue. 5mm diameter is for most 12th scale applications and 6mm is for most of today’s touring cars. They are made from machined aluminum and very light in weight.They are made from machined aluminum and are very light weight. Use these as a tuning aid to your vehicles handling by fine tuning the body’s “rake” or “posture” with ease. 360deg turn equals approx. 0.5mm

1 2


GRC296: Body height adjustment system, 5mm id for 12th

GRC297: Body height adjustment system, 5mm id for 12th

GRC298: Body height adjustment system, 6mm id for TC

GRC299: Body height adjustment system, 6mm id for TC

GRC295: Body Height Adjuster Replacement O-ring pack



GRAVITY RC G-SPEC tires are boasted to be of the highest performance to compete with any of today’s high end TC tires at a reasonable price. The Beefy wheels are made from a blend of plastic which includes Polycarbonate to be durable and Very true when fastened to your vehicle. The tires have already had success by being the tire of choice for the “Mile High Indoor Champs” event last month, and now with the addition of the new “G” Type wheel for official production, performance has only been enhanced. The tires are easily distinguishable with the appropriate markings molded on the sidewall. Look for these tires to be the tire of choice at major events but also for club racers looking to up the pace on their competition.

g_spec_tire2 g_spec_tire

Gravity RC Introduces G-SPEC Pre Glued TC Tires.

GRC130: G-SPEC Type C (Carpet)

GRC131: G-SPEC Type A (Asphalt)



GRC455: Anti Gravity Bearing Oil is a thin to medium viscosity blend of oils. It is formulated to be thin enough to have very low resistance yet thick enough to bond to surfaces and last inside the bearing. GRC455′s bottle comes with a attached cap so you never have to worry about loosing it!





GRC New Product – G12 SUPER SOFT REAR 12TH SCALE TIRE:tires1

Gravity RC’s G12 line of 12th scale tires is now complete with the addition of GRC:102 “Super Soft” rear tire. Now the tire line boasts new tuning capabilities still without being too complicated, three rear and three front compounds all selected by GRC to complete the working range of both the front and rear for any 12th racing application. As always G12 tires come packaged in storage tubes, Rears come with instructions and decal sheet.

Please see “Tire Tuning Tips”








These Titanium outer hinge Pins are designed to significantly reduce the unsprung weight of the suspension at its greatest point of instance (outermost). They fit the T2,T3,T4 series of XRAY Touring cars. The total weight of all 4 pins is 2.5grams. This makes for a unsprung weight savings of over 2 grams total or more than half of a gram per suspension corner.


GRC New Product - All PURPOSE POLISH: IMG_0718

GRC 450 is Non Toxic, Non Flammable, contains no ammonia and still cleans, polishes and protects all metals and even plastic better than the rest.

The main RC uses are hinge pins, shock shafts, kingpin’s, ball studs Etc. Apply with dry cloth and buff. For even better results use your rotary tool with buffing wheel or shaft mounted in a rotary tools chuck. Comes in a 1oz jar.

Also included is a Gravity RC decal/chassis labeling sheet.




The new reformulated LGC is already showing great results all over. Improvements such as, Larger bottle, Better applicator, Lower odor and simply better performance are a few of its new quality’s. The additive was developed on carpet to comply with the tracks and organizations which use “odorless additive” BUT is already finding its way too many other tire and track applications, thus making it by far the most versatile additive in the “Liquid Gravity” additive line.

Also included is a Gravity RC decal/chassis labeling sheet and application information.


GRC New Product – RC OLD SCHOOL WEIGHT:img_06561

Now available from Gravity RC is the original 1/4oz lead weight pieces. They are now available in Chrome and Black as well as the usual Standard color. As always they come with pre applied tape for easy application.






GRC New Product – RC EXPERT BUILD:IMG_06511-300x285

Gravity Expert build is a new section in the Gravity pro shop which currently offers pre assembled differentials and drive shafts for XRAY touring cars. You can utilize this on the track by having options of fine tuning with seven increments of viscosity from 1k to 4kcst for the rear diff and 1million and 2.5million cst for the front. Quantity is VERY limited and prices are competitive with the market.


GRC New Product – GRAVITY PROPEL:GSpraything1-192x300

Save money with GRC600. This rechargeable spray canister offers an alternative to commonly used motor sprays and cleaners. The canister gives a similar feel and result to motor spray during use. One of many benefits to GRC600 is that it can be used with less toxic and more environmentally friendly chemicals. Another is it’s reduce cost by re filling and re charging it yourself. It is rechargeable with air safely up to 200psi using any standard car tire attachment and air hose. GRC 600 comes with 1 extra internal rebuild, 6 spray nozzles and 4 spray tubes. Recommended chemical for cleaning plastic is a diluted simple green/water mix. Recommended chemical for cleaning bearings and metal is denatured alcohol. Both simple green and Denatured alcohol is available at most hardware stores and building retailers.


GRC New Product - FINE TUNING SHIM’S:small_shim

GRC505: These stainless steel shims are 3mmID, 7.5mmOD, and only .2mms thick. They are perfect for fine tuning rear toe and suspension mounts on today’s touring cars among many other applications, 10 shims comes packaged in GRC micro storage case. Pro shop Catagory “screws and shims”





GRC New Product – 1 MILLION & 2.5 MILLION CST PURE SILICONE DIFF OIL:small_glube 1 million CST pure silicone diff oil. GRC 402: 2.5 million CST pure silicone diff putty. These items are 100% pure polydimethylsiloxane fluid, This silicone aim’s to eliminate the inconsistencies of current putty’s in the front differential of electric touring cars while maintaining a similar thickness to the putty which is commonly used. In our recent testing we believe that these thick fluids are going to be even more commonly used in the future. The package includes a modified syringe for easy filling of differentials while limiting pesky air bubbles.




GRC Product – GRAVITY RC 2 Stage Aluminum Carbide Pit/Tire File,80/150 Grit:tire_file

GRC Product- GRAVITY RC 2 Stage Aluminum Carbide Pit/Tire File,80/150 Grit








GRC Product- GRAVITY RC Flexfit embroidered cap offered in black and white, size X-XL. Black GRC222, White GRC223







Hadley Junior High School in Glen Ellyn Illinois has a longstanding and unique program to offer its students – the school has a RC Program! I have been involved with the program in the past and attended another Hadley event on Sunday, March 4th to work with the kids. About the program: The program involves about 30 kids and uses RC as a learning tool. Organizers Jim Bourke and Mike Dorich have taken advantage of the many ways RC can be used to teach concepts such as math, physics, hand eye coordination, mechanics, sportsmanship, and responsibility. To me, the program’s greatest attribute is that it currently involves kids from grade four all the way up to seniors in high school. This socializes and brings common ground to older and younger kids in a healthy environment. The program is launched towards middle school students at Hadley Junior High, but younger siblings of Hadley students and graduated students to high school are also welcome to take part in the racing. With donations from various companies and the school itself, each applicant receives a car, radio, charger and a battery at the beginning of the school year. Each student is then responsible to build and maintain their car, attend weekly meetings and events, and participate fully throughout the year, including track builds and teardowns (Read More)

GRC New Product’s